Our services

Our proficiency covers four
specialised areas, providing complete
solutions for various needs.

Demolition since 1992

Demolition services

Our foremost expertise lies in the meticulous demolition of glass and fiberglass furnaces. Additionally, we possess extensive experience in demolishing various structures, including lime and cement kilns.


Waste management

We provide a complete waste management for refractory materials from glass aggregate demolition. This includes sorting, recycling at our authorised plant, and proper disposal with necessary permits and documentation.


Purchasing refractories

We are open to take over all the refractory waste materials which are suitable for recycling at our authorised plant, including refractories in a form of obsoletes or used old ones. We ensure proper handling and processing for recycling.


Recycling refractories

With a focus on flexibility, our final processed products can be delivered in any size fraction according to customer preferences. With the help of our brand new processing line, we are now able to increase the amount of recycled refractories significantly, positioning us as highly competitive within the industry alongside the major players.