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and glass fibre aggregate demolition
and recycling services.

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Demolition since 1992

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Seboref Minerals specialises in the demolition of glass units and glass fibre aggregates, as well as in waste management and recycling of refractory debris, constantly excelling and expanding the spectrum of services provided.

A process that allows to predict the future

Sales and distribution of recycled materials

Dismantling glass and glass fibre aggregates

Processing circular raw materials

Sorting refractory debris

Cleaning materials

Waste management and disposal services

Demolition services

Demolition for technological units and seamless execution of protective activities enables us to fulfil and exceed the diverse needs of our clients with unparalleled efficiency.

Waste management

In addition to our main services, we ensure that all additional materials from the demolition services are given an extended life through recycling, maximizing the amount reused.


We work with most of the biggest industry players in the world

Seboref Minerals has been accelerating its work performance for more than 30 years. Since the merger with REF Minerals, we have been providing a full cycle of material recycling in the refractory and ceramic industries. Our goal is to ensure our clients always have an easy and fast process of glass, glass fibre aggregate demolition and the subsequent management of the generated waste.

30 years of experience

30 years of experience

Seboref Minerals is a part of REF Minerals Group, specializing in glass and glass fiber aggregate demolition and refractory material recycling. Together with REF Minerals, it ensures an effective and fast material recycling process.